Vacation Ending

Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 12:00 PM
Here I am, sitting in Bradley International Airport in Hartford, waiting for the time to pass before I return back to Michigan. It's been an eventful 2.5 weeks, a trip that I'd say was a memorable one. I got piss ass drunk with Richard, Phil and Glenn, hiked in rain forests, banged up my body on the slopes, and chilled with Dan, Jane, and Kitty. It's not the archetypal spring break, nor am I even in school to require one, but I have found this vacation strangely eye opening. I experienced a lot of things that I'd forgotten about, as well as many new ones.

This trip didn't answer any of my questions about the future, but it allowed me a chance to contemplate what life has to offer. For a long time, a career and a family dominated my long term goals. Perhaps so much that I'd overlooked all the simple pleasures in life: those you enjoy with the people you're surrounded by. It's pretty amusing that I'm saying this, as I've never been someone with "drive and motivation". This applied to my professional life, but now I'm realizing applies to my personal life too.

I'm imagining a life where I spend more time caring about the things I do in the moment. I feel like I could have made more of an effort to enrich my life, rather than to wait for the "better" things down the road. I'm talking about having a better mental attitude. If I'm bored, then DO something to make life more enjoyable. Don't just wait it out for a better tomorrow.


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