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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 10:42 PM
I'm trying to build one, but efforts have so far revolved around UM football. I find myself increasingly searching for cheap thrills in the form of internet webpages and video games. I think this is rather the wrong path to go down, as it is really just a distraction from the things that would really make me satisfied. If I don't change, I may soon be unfulfilled with both school and non-school parts of my life.

The first thing I need to do is to make some better friends, real people to talk to. Right now, I've met a lot of people, but haven't really formed any connections with. That half of my group speaks chinese does not help me(though it does allow me to practice my chinese). The friend making process may take awhile, especially in this environment. After all, I did just arrive recently; good friendships are hard to find and take time to build.

The good thing is that I've identified parts of my behavior that arise because of deeper causes. I'll try to reduce the amount of time wasting that I do on the internet, in order to direct more of my efforts to doing other things. Hopefully this will change a few things for me, and make life better here. Let me brainstorm some things that can occupy my time: food, working out, sports with labmates, tennis, labmates living in Tang Hall. It seems like I still need to find something more significant. Happy Hour with lab mates a start? MIT does have its own pub. I shall think on this some more.

Two people to target: Sejoon-roommate and labmate-girl ZT. Sejoon plays tennis, which I had a lot of fun trying out the other day. The labmate-girl is also lonely and missing friends. Misery loves company no? Also, I don't feel like I get along with J. that well yet. He's a cool guy, but I think it's just like Dan and I talked about. You have to "get" a person, have a feel for what they are thinking, in order to connect with someone. It's just not happening with me and J., or many other people here yet.


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