Chinese Mines

Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 4:51 PM
There was another major mine accident in China, where around 100 miners were trapped underground. A sad story; China is said to have the world's most dangerous mines, in terms of lives lost. I want to comment on something else in this article however. It was said in the article, that the mine in question, in XinXing, was actually considered a very safe mine. In fact, they did have people monitoring gas levels in the mine that exploded, meaning that there were safety measures in place. That being said, the director, deputy director, and chief engineer were already fired, barely a day after the accident. That means, there was no time for an investigation into the accident.

I find this to be what I see as a typical Chinese knee jerk reaction to a situation. These people were fired to save face, so that whoever was in charge of the firing could look like he was doing something to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Chinese people are logical enough to see the fallacy of the situation. Or perhaps they are. In either case, firings such as these are effective enough to save face that they continue to be used. I wonder if anyone will point of the fault of firing the chief engineer without a thorough investigation in determining the cause of the mine accident. There are such things as natural disasters.



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