A Tale from a North Carolina Twister

Monday, April 18, 2011 at 5:46 AM
Jonathan Robinson saw the tornado moving toward his mobile home in Dunn, grabbed his cousin's 3-month-old son and dashed for a closet in his bedroom. But as he dove for safety, the twister took his home apart around him and swept the baby into the dark, swirling afternoon sky.

"As soon as I jumped in the closet, it came down and that little baby flew out of my hand," he said. "I seen him leave my arms. That's how strong the wind was."

Immediately after digging himself out, Robinson joined family members at the Cedar Creek Mobile Home Park frantically digging through the rubble all around them for little Ayden.

"I thought he was lost," Robinson said.

Several long minutes later, someone found the boy under a wooden board, unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital, where miraculously emergency room workers found only minor injuries. "He's really blessed to be here right now," said Ayden's mom, Ciera Robinson, as the boy's grandmother sat nearby giving the baby a bottle. "He's good now. He ended up with a lump on his head. It wasn't nothing major."

I'm trying to imagine the fear and desperation Jonathan would have felt after seeing the baby leave his arms, and disappear into the windstorm of debris. Certainly, the whole family was desperate enough to search through the rubble for the baby, despite the seemingly impossible odds of finding Ayden.

- Howitzer


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