Objects as a Companions

Monday, April 4, 2011 at 10:24 PM
I spend so much time with my motorcycle that from time to time, I feel a connection with it. I almost look at it lovingly, like a pet...or a friend. It takes me places that I'm unable to go on my own. My motorcycle and I roam the streets of Boston late at night when everyone else is sleeping. We visit nearby bays and beaches on sunny days.

It's quite odd that I've built this connection with my motorcycle, but I did the same thing with my car back home. I guess I tend to connect with my mode of transportation. Come to think of it, I've built the same connection with my skates. I think of them like an old buddy. Whenever I hold them, they're like an extension of my body. I feel content when I touch them. That said, I don't hesitate to lay them on the ground (blades covered, of course), whereas other people buy special bags to hold their skates.

I used to think it was vain of people to grow attached to their possessions. You know how there are countless stories/fairy tales of greedy rich men who die surrounded by their wealth, but miserably alone? Those stories stressed the importance of non-material wealth, and dismissed material wealth. Well, I now realize why I grow attached to my objects, and I'm not ashamed to say that it happens. I'm able to enjoy many activities with my objects, and share many experiences with them. While I certainly wouldn't sacrifice life and limb for my things, I do feel a certain amount of emotional attachment.


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