Braces Off Continued

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 at 5:42 PM
So, I got my braces off on Monday. Feels strange, just like it did last time. I have the feeling of my lips rubbing against my teeth all the time now, as opposed to being help away by the wires. It's really weird. It will go away soon enough though. My teeth also look fine. I'm not so much excited as relieved. Now I can feel free to ignore my teeth, instead of being bothered when my tongue catches on some crook in my teeth.

I got some retainers that I'll have to be wearing for the next six months. The purpose of these is to keep my teeth set the way they are, until the bone density around my teeth increases back to its normal density. Then, my teeth will be less prone to shifting again. I looked it up, and I got the Hawley retainers. These feel kind of bulky actually, and make it feel weird to talk. I will give it a week, and if they still feel weird, I may ask for the VFR (vacuum filled retainers). These are the retainers that look basically like a clear mold around your teeth. My current ones have a wire that wraps around my bite, with a plastic piece flush against the roof of my mouth.

It's too bad I only got to see my second orthodontist a few times. She was really nice, and we got along well. The first orthodontist was fine, we just never really clicked as well. By the way, these are all student orthodontists, who are maybe 5 years older than me.


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