Transformers 2

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 6:31 PM
So I saw Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen yesterday. I must say that the movie was an awesome sequel to the first one. In some ways, it was better. See, when I watched the first Transformers movie, I was just happy to watch a Camaro changing into a robot, in CG. That was like the coolest thing EVER. I had so many memories of playing with Transformers when I was little, and now it's been modernized to be even more awesome than I remembered. That was the thrill of watching the first movie. In the second movie, they added more and better robot fight scenes. There was this one scene where Optimus takes out two power swords, and battles three Decepticons. EPIC FIGHT!!!!!!!! I didn't really care about the story line as much as I enjoyed watching CG robot fights. (You can tell I really like Transformers.)

One thing I realized from watching the Transformers movies: the military probably had a lot of say in the movie, as to how the US military was going to be portrayed. I almost feel like the movie was doing a bit of advertising for the military. The first movie had a lot of US Air Force clips included, and it wasn't just the publicly obvious ones. A lot of behind the scenes action, such as the command centers, and the call-ins for airstrikes was shown. In the sequel, the military clips expanded to the US Army and US Navy. I feel like the military was really trying to show us what their jobs are like, and how cool it was.



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