Good Mood

Friday, September 2, 2011 at 4:44 AM
Ah...I'm in such a good mood right now. I just woke up from having some bizarre dreams. Then, Maggie tonight, plus moving in to new apartment, plus new classes starting soon...OH AND COLLEGE FOOTBAW.

Hell yes.

Edit: I figure I should write down my dreams, since I so rarely dream. I dreamt I saw the BU space shuttle. I caught three guys walking in to McDonald's, sweating like crazy, and I knew they were gonna rob McDonald's. I fist fought him. I was wearing a neon green high-viz motorcycle jacket. I saw Denise Richards naked while on set. AND SHE WAVED AT ME. And then my first thought was to post it on Face (guysguyscheckthisoutsocool!!)

What a weird night. Then again, this is like the first time I went to sleep before 1am in weeks. Maybe I should do this more often.


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